Who is Magdakine?

Who is Magdakine?

Meet me, the owner/designer at the sustainable swimwear brand, MAGDAKINEDESIGNS.

TEDTalks we can't stop watching.

Educating women and girls is ranked #6 out of 80 practical solutions to combating climate change by scientists and researchers at Project Drawdown. To quickly put the into perspective, that’s...
TEDTalks we can't stop watching.
Positive News - by Sustainable Swimwear brand MAGDAKINEDESIGNS Swimwear

This Month's Roundup of Positive News!

Reading news about solutions rather than problems is proven to be beneficial for your mental health. Here is this month's roundup of positive news for our planet.

Read With Us!

Includes link to discussion questions for your next book club meeting.
Project Drawdown Discussion Questions, Sustainable Swimwear brand MAGDAKINEDESIGNS
How to help protect sharks, Interview with Jasmin Graham and Magdalena Berger

How to Help Protect the Sharks

Yesterday we had the pleasure of sitting down with Shark Biologist – Jasmin Graham – where we asked her, “what are some ways that we can help protect sharks from our...

Positive News for the Ocean

Headline reading done right. We're back at it again, tracking down and sharing some positive news to help bring a little hope into your day.
Positive News for the Ocean
Resources for Allies with Black Lives Matter Movement - by sustainable swimwear brand MagdakineDesigns

Standing in Solidarity

After we have pledged to fight, we must not forget. We continue to stand in solidarity, demand justice, and fight systemic racism even after our muted time is up.  Some... Read More

Now Streaming - Conserve Nation & MAGDAKINEDESIGNS Swimwear

Hi guys, it's me...Magdalena, owner and designer of MAGDAKINEDESIGNS. In April, I met up (virtually) with a friend and former conservation coworker where we got to catch up on all... Read More
Sustainable Swimwear designer, Magdalena Berger sits down for an interview on this episode of Conserve Nation
Sustainable and Ethical Flower Sourcing this Mother's Day, by sustainable swimwear brand MAGDAKINEDESIGNS

Sustainable & Ethical Flower Sourcing this Mother's Day

Your guide to finding sustainably grown and ethically produced flowers for Mom this Mother's Day.