No matter what they say, "spring cleaning" will never go out of season. And we’re helping you get a jump start this season, starting with your Instagram feed. It’s time to unfollow and do away with accounts that are no longer inspiring you. We recommend picking a few (or 12) to clear out and replace with one of our favorites. Get ready to feel renewed and empowered again while you scroll.

  1. Words of Women (@words_of_women) Every post is like a mini-biography of women past and present. We find inspiration in nearly every post, making them one of our favorites to share.

  2. Marianna Rousetty (@mroussety) An elegant artist and cultivator of conscious account far better than that of your typical wanderlust. See blog photo above for proof.

  3. Shop Twin Urchins (@shoptwinurchins) An online vintage shop started by an "old Aires soul," Samantha Feyen (@samantaheeyo). The shop (and account) is a uniquely curated collection of second-hand fashion and home decor.

  4. Tatyana Fazlalizadeh (@tlynnfaz) A Brooklyn artist and the creator of @stoptellingwomentosmile.  Her work "AMERICA IS BLACK" packs more power than anything you've ever read before.

  5. 60's Rock (@60s.rock) This one is for the old-souls and Zeppelin lovers like us.  You'll find film photos of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin here with witty and interesting facts under ever pic.

  6. Rising Woman (@risingwoman) Moon calendars and wild women poetry...need we say more?

  7. Lili (@_lilikoi) A self-proclaimed "cult blonde" who grew up off the grid with her five blonde siblings. Her photography and editing are always on point, but her interior decorating style is what we really love about this goddess.

  8. OFF THE RAILS MAGAZINE (@offtherailsmag) This one's not just for the ladies, this one's for the "misfits and the dreamers." Every post is unique and every print magazine is a collector's item, and you may even find us in there from time to time...

  9. Women Doing Science ( Exactly what it sounds like. A collection of posts introducing you to women in science with short explanations on how their research is changing the world.

  10. Recipes For Self Love (@recipesforselflove) An illustrator whose work includes topics like sexual equality, masculinity, racism, eating disorders and everything in between.  Her book is launching this April and you'll definitely want a copy.

  11. Chrissy Mae (@buckmild__) An ecology student studying to work in Natural Resource Management while raising her son to love and appreciate the great outdoors. 

  12. MA.GA.NDA ( Their unique handcrafted jewels aren't the only reason to follow their account.  Check out their daily stories featuring throw-back music videos that will make you smile, and wonder....

Cover photo from @mroussety. 

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