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Surf photography, a common hobby among so many ocean dwellers. And while it seems that anyone with a camera can call themselves a surf photographer, the best surf photography takes years of training and practice, an artistic eye for capturing the bliss, and a distinct s t y l e in order to set one's work apart.  If COVID lockdown has you feeling nostalgic for a day on the waves, take a look at these 13 Surf Photographers we love and enjoy a moment reminiscing on what heaven feels like. 

1. Amber Mozo @ambermozo - We love Amber because she's one of those females who dares to go where very few humans would, like the inside of a double over-head reef break for example.  Fearlessness meets elegance in this artist's work and that earns her a top spot on our list. We also highly recommend checking out her 2018 Redbull Short Film - Forgiving Pipeline - that we've linked here.

Amber Mozo, female surf photographer from Hawaii, best surf photographer

2. Tony Rapacioli  @tonynoosa - Tony's photography will make you want to pack your bags and take the first flight you can to Australia's Sunshine Coast. If you share the love for longboarding then this is the guy you need to be following.  That's all there is to say here.

Tony Noosa, best surf photographers, Australia Gold Coast Surfing

3. Luki O’Keefe @_lucrecia_ - A standout style that's impossible to replicate. We love Luki for her ability to capture such brief moments on the water in an equally pure and imperfect way. Warning, you'll never want to stop scrolling once you start. 

Luki O'Keefe, Female Surf Photographer, best surf photographers in the world

4. Tommy Pierucki @tommypierucki - It's all about the colors for us when it comes to Tommy's photography.  He has a way of making every photo feel like a celebration, like a party wave you don't want to miss. That, plus the fact that he's always capturing the top shots of our favorite female longboarders, makes him another must follow in our book. 

Tommy Pierucki, best surf photographers from around the world

5. Maria Fernanda @mariafernandaphotography - A big wave female photographer from Mexico City. You just can't help but appreciate any photographer so stoked on capturing the stoke, that they're willing to pass up on surfing in order to do so. 

Maria Fernanda, best female surf photographers from around the world.

6. Giang Alam Wardani @gianggawphoto - Motion.  Giang's ability to capture motion in photography is on a whole different level. And that's one of the reasons we could look at his work for hours.

Giang Alam Wardani, Best surf photographers, world's best surf photography

7. Chloe @havana_productions - Chloes knows that beauty can come from unplanned chaos and that's exactly what her imagery portrays. It's like a "tropical cocktail" (a term she recently used & we fell in love with) of femininity, surf, and life. Three things we'll cheers to. 

Havana Productions, Female Surf Photographer, Female Surf Photography

8. Brooke Berry @brooklynhawaii - The OG tropical photographer and one of our favorites since day one.  Like many of the photographers listed here, Brooke doesn't shoot surf photos only. Brooke has a special way of capturing the colors and enchantment of island life from every aspect and angle imaginable. 

Brooke Berry, Female Surf Photographer, Best Hawaii Surf Photography

9. Ben Rayner @raynjermain - Ben doesn't identify as a surf photographer specifically but there's no doubt that he's got an eye for the art of surfing and can capture it sublimely in his own unique way. 

Ben Rayner, Surf Photography, Australia top surf photographers

10. Sebastian Zanella @sebzanella - Sebastian's work is nothing short of a vibe.  Every photo series unique from the other and within it, a complete story.  This is another feed that some may call "the rabbit hole." It's hard to stop once you get started. 

Sebastian Zanella, Surf Photography, Surf film

11. Ivvy Cook @ivanacook - In a world of scrolling fast and always staying busy, Ivvy's photography comes as a refreshing reminder to slow down and take it all in.  Her imagery always feels so intentional, in a creative and highly-satisfying way. 

Ivvy Cook, Female Surf Photographer, Best Female Surf Photograpy, @ivanacook

12. Kat Reynolds @kat_reynolds - Longboards, shortboards, bumps and barrels...Kat's surf photography has no-limit and what's not to love about a woman who wants it all?

Kat Reynolds, Female Surf Photographer, Female surf photographers, Best surf photograhers

13. Tahnei Roy  @tahneinei - Born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Tahnei uses Hawaii's breathtaking environment as the backdrop for her photography. Tahnei work embodies the lifestyle of a true ocean-lover and every photo makes you want to call up your girls, grab your boards, and head out to the break.

Tahnei Roy, Female Surf Photographers, Hawaii Surf photography

And a bonus #14 because it doesn't feel right leaving this guy out:

Thomas Lodin @thomaslodin - Surf photography, surf films, surf lifestyle, surf everything. He deserves a higher spot on this list but if you've made it this far we know you'll appreciate him nonetheless. 

Thomas Lodin, Best Surf Photographer, Short Surf Films

 Have a favorite surf photographer you want to share? Post in the comment below and let us know who you're diggin' on!

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  • CJ Eklund: April 18, 2020
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    Brilliant list. Some great new photographers to start following and be inspired by. Thanks!

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