Did you know July 14th is annual #SharkAwarenessDay? Yes, we are just as curious as you as to who comes up with these things...but nonetheless, we love it! So, in honor of shedding some light on one of our planet's most misunderstood animal, here's our top 5 Cool Shark Facts we bet you didn't know.  

1. Shark eyes are like ours! Shark corneas are so similar to humans' that they have been used for human corneal transplant surgery, according to the American Museum of Natural History.

2. Sharks reproductive modes vary. Some sharks lay eggs, and some sharks give live birth. Of the sharks that give live birth, some develop their pups in a placenta, and some don’t.  #mindblown

3. Brown Banded Bamboo sharks can store male sperm for almost 5 years! It’s like a cheaper and more efficient evolutionary method to “freezing eggs.”

4. When shark teeth fall out they become covered by a sandy sediment that protects the tooth from rotting. These minerals are absorbed by the tooth and turn the color to grey/blackish.  That’s why when you find a shark tooth, it’s black.

5. In 2009, Palau became the world’s first national shark sanctuary, ending all commercial shark fishing in our waters and giving a sanctuary for sharks to live and reproduce. And so far, the results are amazing!

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