Still looking for a resolution that actually makes sense to you? Something you actually want to do or that can help the environment?

Here are 4 ideas to help make 2020 our year.

  1. Wake Up Earlier - Win the morning to win the day. Pick a time every weekday to wake up by. Take the extra morning time to get at least one thing done. And if you aren’t feeling that enthusiastic, at least make your bed! Experts on morning rituals (I know, crazy that people like that actually exist) say that making the bed every day is about exerting control where you can, because “no matter how sh**ty your day is, no matter how catastrophic it might be, you can make your bed, and that gives you the feeling even in a disastrous day that you’ve held on by a fingernail." (Wise words by Tim Ferriss).

  2. Thrift More, Shop Less - We’re not just talking clothes here, we’re talking furniture and homeware too. Staple items and unique treasures alike can be found in second-hand stores. Stop the buying, using and tossing cycle and add more eclectic pieces to your collection. Make a vow to yourself that you’ll browse second-hand before hopping on Amazon and hitting the “buy now” button. 

  3. Volunteer More - Make a goal of volunteering at least once a month (or every other) doing something you like. Humane societies, Ronald McDonald houses, local farms, community gardens, beach cleanups, trail clearing, etc. The opportunity to make friends outside of work awaits you.

  4. Eat Less Meat – Dedicate one day a week to eating vegetarian. We’ll spare you all the environmental details on this one, you’ve already heard it. Now do it.

What other resolutions are you setting this year for yourself, or for the planet? Share your ideas and goals with us in the comments.


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