She grew up surfing in Brazil, hoping to one day ride the waves in Hawaii, learn a fourth language and explore the shores of Tahiti. Camila Storchi takes a break between achieving her life goals and celebrating her accomplishments to share with us a little about her current job as a deck hand on the 40-foot catamaran, Ho’o Nanea.

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February 9, 2018 - "Another day at the office" - Camila Storchi (@camilastorchi)

Note* Camila writes to me on March 8th, “Here are my interview questions, if you don’t mind correcting if I said anything wrong, English is my third language…” 

Name: Camila Storchi Nery

Location: I grew up in Brazil surfing and my dream since a very young age was to surf the waves in Hawaii. Right after my 21st birthday I moved to California where I went to school for two years and improved my English. After that, I finally made my way to Hawaii! 

manta ray bikini ethical eco fashion designer swimwear magdakinedesigns learning sail hawaii

Camila selfie in our Isabela/Manta Ray print bikini, made from fishing nets and returns a donation to protecting ray species worldwide.

Years you've been sailing: Almost three

Who taught you how to sail? And what is the inspiration behind it? I learned (and am still learning constantly) by working for North Shore Catamaran as a deck hand. I love the sea and connecting with nature! It’s like a therapy!

There is a lot of training involved. But only with hours on the sea you really get to learn. Going through different situations, different weather conditions, swells and currents. Luckily, I have a really good captain (Mark Malczon) who has been training me. Big thanks to Captain Mark who has the patience to teach me everything (he trains most of the captains in Waikiki, so I feel blessed to have him as my captain!)

What type of sailing do you do on the Ho’o Nanea?  Mostly tourism. In the summer time we take our guests snorkeling on a marine sanctuary, always making sure we teach them the importance of wearing environment safe sunscreen, not stepping on the reef, observing the sea life with respect, and helping them connect with the environment. In the winter the swells get big and the humpback whales come from Alaska to spend the winter here in Hawaii. That’s when we switch our tours to whale watching, and we sail farther away from the shore. 

Hours a day you spend on the water: 9 hours a day on the boat, 4-5 days a week.

What is your main job on the boat?  Setting up sails and adjusting them with the wind...there is a lot involved. Plus we all need to keep our eyes on the “road," watching for divers, boat, canoes or sea life...keeping everyone safe!  


manta ray print bikini ethical eco swimwear magdakinedesigns hawaii learning sail

manta ray print bikini magdakinedesigns eco ethical fashion hawaii

Camila on board the Ho'o Nanea in our Isabela/Manta Ray print bikini, made from fishing nets and returns a donation to protecting ray species worldwide.

How many other females do you know that do your job? Are you one in a few? Definitely since I started working at the harbor on the north shore I have been seeing more and more girls doing similar work... I love watching the women power take over the seas! Haha!

Do you ever feel uncomfortable being one of a few women in this industry? I grew up surfing in competitions, with not many girls back then. So I feel really comfortable about being one of a few females.  The fact I can inspire other females to dream bigger and out of the box, and show them that they too can try something more fulfilling is really rewarding!

Women always tell me, “I would trade my office and my heels for yours in a heart beat." But, I always ask them back “how about office and heels for ‘zeros’ in your bank account?" haha!  But some women still reply, “I would give up that too...”

 ...So sometimes people just need more courage!

manta ray bikini eco ethical fashion designer swimwear magdakine magdakinedesigns

Camila hops in the water to swim with a small pod of dolphins. Wearing our Isabela/Manta Ray print bikini, made from fishing nets and returns a donation to protecting ray species worldwide. (photo via @galen.neil)

Coolest thing you’ve ever seen sailing on the open water: A humpback whale giving birth....will never forget that.

Hardest part of your job: Well.... people!  Hahaha

Favorite thing about your job: Helping people connect with nature and sharing with them everything I know!  Whenever we have the power of the word we should take advantage and use it for good things.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into sailing, either for sport or for pleasure? Don’t think too much! Just do it! It's an amazing feeling of freedom. I feel it’s the closest thing from flying, but not in the sky.

Besides the Ho’o Nanea, where else could we find you?  Under the sea or in the jungle chasing waterfalls. Oh, gym, I really don’t know why but I can spend hours inside the gym! 

eco ethical fashion designer swimwear magdakinedesigns learning sail

"My friends already accepted the fact that when I connect intensely with nature, I get out of the system and out of my clothes..." - Camila Storchi Chasing Waterfalls (@camilastorchi)

The "Golden Rule" of sailing in your words: Seriously, weather is everything when it comes to sailing. If you don’t understand that, you won’t understand much about sailing.

In your own perfect world, where would you sail to tomorrow? Tahiti...I have been in love with Tahiti since a very young age. Everything about the Polynesian culture, and French will be my fourth language!

Camila underwater wearing our Isabela/Manta Ray print bikini, made from fishing nets and returns a donation to protecting ray species worldwide. (photo via @galen.neil)

 Follow Camila (@camilastorchi) and the Ho'o Nanea (@northshore.catamaran) to see more from the Brazilian goddess living in Hawaii. 

eco ethical fashion manta ray bikini designer swimwear magdakinedesigns hawaii

Camila's bikini featured in this blog is made from regenerated materials including abandoned fishing nets and old carpets. In addition, every purchase returns a donation to the Marine Megafauna Foundation to support the research and protection of Manta Rays WORLDWIDE! 



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