A gloomy weekend in Australia as smoke and haze from the wildfire spread over landmark beaches like Bondi Beach. Photo by Jenny Evans/Getty Images.

According to online sources, the wildfires in Australia have now killed at least 24 people, torched almost 15 million acres, and destroyed more than 900 homes since September. The blazes turn skies orange and make breathing the air in Sydney as bad as smoking 37 cigarettes. The bushfires have also killed 480 million animals, environmental officials told the Times in the United Kingdom, including nearly one-third of the koalas in one of Australia’s most populated koala habitats, an area 240 miles north of Sydney.

And while the fires continue to burn across the nation, it's not only the koalas that are under attack -- much of Australia's native wildlife is being displaced. This is, without a doubt, a climate emergency.  

How to Help:

A list of verified nonprofits working to help the victims and rehabilitate Australia's wildlife.

Australian Red Cross - Providing recovery programs and emergency assistance in communities affected

St. Vincent de Paul Society - A $50 donation helps provide food for a family that's been evacuated from their home.

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital - Help rescue and rehabilitate koalas

GIVIT - Donate food, toiletries, and household items directly to charities in the area

Airbnb - Offer free temporary housing by hosting people in need

Rural Fire Brigade - Support the firefighters in Queensland working to stop the spread of the fire









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