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Celebrate International Women's Day by Giving Back - Learn the facts about the women of our nation.

We're donating $15 from every purchase today to the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center because...

In 2017 Senator Heidi Heitkamp introduced the Savanna’s Act, and Congress found:
  • on some reservations, Indian Women are murdered at more than 10 times the national average
  • American Indians and Alaska Natives are 2.5 times as likely to experience violent crimes and at least 2 times more likely to experience rape or sexual assaults crimes.
  • more than 4 in 5 American Indian and Alaska Native Women, or 84.3 percent, have experienced violence in their lifetime.
  • investigation into these cases is made difficult for Tribal Law enforcement due to lack of resources such as training, equipment, funding + lack of interagency cooperation.
National Indigenous Women's Resource Center (NIWRC) is a Native nonprofit organization that was created specifically to serve as the National Indian Resource Center (NIRC) addressing domestic violence and safety for Native Women.​


Make any MAGDAKINEDESIGNS purchase today to give a $15 donation and show your support for the Indigenous Women of our nation.



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