If there are two things we believe deserve our utmost TLC it’s our planet, and our favorite bikini. Here’s how to take care of both in our eco-friendly approach to swimwear washing.

Step 1) Soak – Just a short 10 minute soak in a natural body wash helps break down chemicals and oils stuck in the fibers. Sunscreen products, chlorine, and natural body oils can build up and degrade the stretch of your garment, ultimately shortening it's lifespan. Even if you haven't technically went swimming in your swimwear, it's still recommend you give it a quick soak after every use. 

Step 2) Avoid the machine – Anything made of synthetic fibers (i.e. all swimwear even the recycled ones) can shed microfibers known to become pollutants when they enter our environment. And since washing machines are notoriously known for being too harsh on our clothing, these loose fibers are released into our waterways every time you get in the ocean wearing a bikini you’ve machine washed. Instead, opt for the hand-washing method using cold water. A gentle rinse after your 10-minute soak is ideal for preserving your bikinis quality and stretch. Plus, it's much easier on the environment.

Step 3 - Find a shady place to dry, and don’t even think about putting it in the dryer. The extreme high heat and agitation caused by most machine dryers can further accelerate the breakdown of the garments fibers. In all actuality, the dryer not only releases more microfibers from the garment, but it then blows these microplastics directly outside through that small vent in your wall. Besides, by finding a shady place to dry your bikini you’ll avoid color fading caused by direct sunlight.  Laying the suit flat will also help avoid stretching out the shape of the garment.

Step 4 - Avoid mildew by making sure the suit is 100% dry before putting it away. Keeping it in a cool and dry place (not the steamy shower room) will ensure your swimwear stays fresh and mildew free for seasons to come.

Have your own tips and tricks for eco-friendly swimwear washing? Share your knowledge with us in the comments below!



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