With so much negativity floating around in the cyberworld today, we've decided to gather 10 pieces of positive environmental news worth celebrating.

Check out what's happening and have a smile, on us!

1. Scientist have announced that Hawaiian coral reefs are finally stabilizing after massive coral bleaching

2. Hawaii and Maine have both banned styrofoam 

3. Canada has banned the import of all shark fins into the country as well as the once popular menu item “shark fin soup.”

4. A new cow feed invented in Switzerland can reduce cows methane production (aka cow farts) by 10%

5. At least 9 endangered species are thought to make a comeback in 2019

6. Marathons throughout the world are now giving participants "water blobs" instead of plastic water bottles

7. A new public transport bus in England sucks up pollution and spews out purified air in front of the vehicle as it travels

8. China (the world’s largest polluter) hit their carbon goals 12 years earlier than expected

9. A man in India planted 1 tree a day for 40 years and has now created a forest larger than New York City’s Central Park.

10. Solar farms throughout the US are planting wildflowers to help save the bees. By 2050 there is estimated to be 6 million acres of solar panels and wildflowers


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