Yesterday we had the pleasure of sitting down with Shark Biologist – Jasmin Graham – where we asked her, “what are some ways that we can help protect sharks from our home?” Jasmin is the MarSci-LACE Grant Project Coordinator at the MOTE Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, as well as the co-founder of a new non-profit organization called Minorities in Shark Sciences.


How to help protect sharks, Interview with Jasmin Graham

Shark Biologist, Jasmin Graham. Photo from MOTE Marine Laboratory and Aquarium


In the video, Jasmin highlights the importance of consuming sustainable seafood, as well as avoiding beauty products that include squalene in their ingredients. The shark biologist also provides us with a list of recommended resources (documentaries, websites, books, and activities) to help us understand and appreciate different shark species in efforts to protect our marine ecosystems. 

Below we've included some key takeaways to help you access all the information Jasmin provides in the interview. Watch the full video on our Facebook, or Instagram page - @magdakinedesigns


Squalene. is a natural organic compound originally obtained for commercial purposes primarily from shark liver oil. Squalene and its derivative squalane can be found as ingredients in cosmetic products, ranging from anti-aging cream to lip gloss. Sharks, especially deep-sea sharks, are targeted for the high concentration of squalene found in their livers. Checking your labels and choosing products with sustainable alternatives to squalene is one way you can help protect sharks.

Sustainable Seafood Consumption: is a website that can help you make smart seafood choices by arming you with the facts about what makes U.S. seafood sustainable, as well as provides up-to-date information on the status of some of the nation’s most valuable marine fish harvested in U.S. federal waters


Changing Seas (episodes available online)

Mission Blue (Netflix)


Sharks of the World 
Shark Biology and Conservation

Activities for Kids:

Sharks4Kids - Webinars, Videos, Crafts and more activities.  A great resource for teachers, or parents!


Minorities in Shark Science


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