In 2015 when the owner of MagdakineDesigns, Magdalena Berger, began regularly sewing her own bikinis it quickly became apparent that the quality of each swimsuit relied mainly on one major factor, the quality of fabric used…on the outside AND the inside.
All swimwear has two layers of fabric. An outer layer (the one with the prints) and the inner layer (the one most brands call the “lining”).  The lining is what helps the swimsuit keep it's shape, last longer, and make sure nothing shows through after your swim. But what most brands fail to mention after selling you on the fact that their outer layer is made of an ultra-buttery, made to last, high-end swimwear fabric, is that their inner-lining layer is actually the complete opposite.

reversible bikini swimwear 2017 purpose of lining

As swimwear designers ourselves, we are here to tell you that every brand has two choices when making seamless swimwear:

Option A) Choose a high-end fabric for the main print and then line it with something cheap, not as stretchy, and something unethically and unsustainably manufactured. The brand can order this fabric for dirt-cheap and in bulk. They’ll choose one color (or print) and stick it on the inside of every bikini. They’ll call it their “signature lining” and before you know it you have a shapeless and saggy bikini bottom in addition to a negative $200 in your bank account.


Option B) Use the same high-end fabric for the liner that was used on the outside. Now your bikini is reversible and worth the price. You now have a high-end, ultra-durable swimsuit that can be worn season after season in two COMPLETELY different colorways.  I mean, if swimwear has to be lined with something, why not line it with something you can use?!
adjustable reversible bikini manta ray print the purpose of swimwear lining

Can you see our point? It seems silly to buy a bikini for double the price yet half the usage, right? Duh. So, while we’re not saying you shouldn’t buy those cute, super expensive, and super cheap lined bikinis, we are just saying if you do, know that you’re being cheated.
purple reversible bikini adjustable only buy reversible bikini

purple bikini reversible adjustable best swimwear of 2017


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