In a recent interview with HuffPost, owner and designer of MAGDAKINEDESIGNS was asked, "What makes a swimsuit sustainable?" While we could of just rattled off all of our best eco-conscious practices at MAGDAKINEDESIGNS, we instead decided to create this short and comprehisive list of what makes a swimsuit NOT sustainable...

Here is how your current bikini is harming the planet:

  • Synthetic nylon and polyester fabrics made new each time.
  • Harmful chemicals used in the dying process that pollute our air and waterways.
  • Cheap swimwear linings that don’t last for more than one or two seasons.
  • Unregulated overseas manufacturing violating environmental policies and regulations.
  • Mass production resulting in high-quantities of fabric waste.
  • Use of plastic and other unnecessary packaging materials for shipping.

"I believe that in order to create a sustainable swimwear line designers have to first and foremost be dedicated to protecting our planet.  I would be lying if I said designing a sustainable swimsuit is cheaper and easier than an unsustainable swimsuit. But to be honest, it’s time we as consumers and as designers stop choosing convenience over caring, not only for the sake of our planet but for the human race and all the species we share our planet with. " - Magdalena Berger 

Read the entire HuffPost article about sustainable swimwear here.


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