Our guide to all your sustainable surf essentials, in one easy to navigate list.


E-Tech Surfboards - Based out of Torrance, CA founder Ryan Harris has opened the world's first Zero Waste Manufacturing surfboard factory.  E-tech now makes boards with some of the largest surfboard companies in the world, including Lost and Pyzel, but you can submit a custom order by visiting the site!

NOTOX  - Shortboards, longboards, fun boards, guns, and SUP boards...this French company has some of the greenest manufacturing technologies and the lowest environmental impacts we've seen.

Board Bags / Socks:

RAREFORM - Made from recycled billboards (yes, you heard that right) RAREFORM creates backpacks, hip packs, and of course surfboard bags all from recycled materials.  And just like each billboard is unique, so is every bag they create.

DIY Fleece Blanket Board Sock - A DIY video of how you can make your own board sock out of a thrifted fleece blanket. (We added that thrifted part, the girls in the video actually bought the fabric from a fabric store). Also, creative tip for this one, why not turn the entire thing inside out once you finish so that it has closed seams and extra padding around the edges of your board? Just a thought. 

Board Shorts: 

for you, or your man.

Outerknown - This is Kelly Slater's range of men's swim trunks that are made using recycled polyester and umm...if anyone knows surf it's that guy.

Vissla Cocotex® - Board shorts from coconut husks. Not sure if it gets any cooler than that.

Dry Bags:

grünBAG - Almost all the materials used to make a these waterproof dry bags are recycled or upcycled. You can shop these bags from their site directly, or from Amazon.  Throw one in your car for your booties and hood after surfing and be on your merry dry way.  Also could be a cool gift idea!


5 Ocean's ecoFin - These fins are made from 100% Indonesian post-consumer plastic waste. That means trash from Bali's beaches has been transformed into stellar surf products. Nicely done.

Exo - Two words, biodegradable fin. Yes. The biodegradable materials used to make these fins come from organic raw materials like corn, beets, wheat and other products rich in starch and lactic acid. The acid has many characteristics equivalent to (or better than) many petroleum-based plastics, which makes it efficient and environmentally friendly.


Revolwe Recycled PET bottles and natural rubber are the eco-friendly components of these surf leashes.  Various sizes available, and free shipping if you order two!

Kun Tiqi EcoLeash - In partnership with Surfrider Foundation Europe, this company's leash is made from recycled nylon and recycled urethane AND claims to be the first completely repairable leash in the industry.  If it's broken don't toss it, just fix it! 


This one's a little tough because there are a TON of reef-safe sunscreens available now (cheers to that), but it's hard to pick our favorites without trying them all. Here's a few we recommend, and if you have a favorite let us know in the comments!

Shane Dorian VERTRA - We've heard people praise this sun stick...just wish it didn't come in a plastic tube. 

SurfDurt - Another one that has great reviews, and it comes in one of those little metal tins so it's easy to pack along and you could apply it to other parts of the body as needed!


Hilana - Goregous upcycled cotton towels, made with no dyes or chemicals. These towels are a perfect gift idea for any ocean lover. 

Nomadix - Made from certified POST-CONSUMER plastic bottles, these towels are designed for yoga, beach, camping, travel and (our favorite) surfing!

Traction Pads:

ecoPro - Made from cork trees (the only tree whose bark regenerates over the course of its lifetime which is 250 years, AND can be harvested about 15 times in that span) these traction pads offer not only a sustainable alternative to traditional rubber pads, but also provide comfort, durability and of course - traction!

OneBall - A company putting old tire rubber to good use! Made in the USA and from recycled rubber, these cost $30.00 and are another eco-alternative to traditional pads.

Women's Swimwear:

MAGDAKINEDESIGNS - Our top pick of course. One-pieces and bikinis, a sustainable swimwear brand using regenerated fishing nets and old carpets to create the ultra-durable, UV 50 protection swimwear. Plus, all the pieces are reversible and feature unique prints around endangered plant and ocean species. *Insiders Tip, check out our new "Surf Approved + Sustainable" collection to easily find which pieces work best in the waves.


Surf Organic Eco Wax -  Based out of Australia, this company has created an organic and reef-safe surf wax that comes in all the different temperatures and is packaged in plastic-free recycled cardboard. 

Bees Knees Surf Wax - Another Australian company, and another highly rated organic surf wax. 

Matunas Surf Wax - Made naturally using only California-grown products, Matunas surf wax is organic, biodegradable and nontoxic. It also comes wrapped in recycled label paper and recycled cardboard boxes. Bonus points!


Patagonia Yulex® - Patagonia and Yulex® come together to create a high-performance wetsuit from natural rubber sources that are Forest Stewardship Council® certified by the Rainforest Alliance. We pity those whose only option is to surf in the cold, cold waters...but may the Yulex® keep you warm! 

Picture (Women's) -  Wetsuits, booties, gloves, hoods and then some...This eco-friendly outdoor brand has created a wetsuit for women made from non petroleum-based synthetic foam and designed to keep you warm and comfy in the waves. 


More Sustainable Products:

SugaMat - While not technically a surf product, these yoga mats are made from recycled wetsuits and the company even has a program for you to send back your used Suga mat to be recycled into a new Suga mat. 

The Weekend Series Tee - A climate-neutral and 100% organic cotton tee that features hand-painted artwork and the comfiest "boyfriend tee" fit. It's the perfect before, after, or even during if that's your style, surf attire.   



If you're reading this then you obviously share our passion for a cleaner ocean and lower impact lifestyle. Add your comments, feedback, and brand recommendations below, or shoot us an email at swim@magdakinedesigns.com to help us bring more environmental awareness to the surf community! 





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