Mauritius Island, officially the Republic of Mauritius (or in French known as République de Maurice), is an island nation in the Indian Ocean located about 1,200 miles off the southeast coast of the African continent. Our girl and favorite visual storyteller- Marine Ferrat, whose Instagram feed celestially flows through underwater shots of whales, dolphins, sea-shells, and a babe in a bikini, has shared with us a small piece of her life on the 169th largest nation in the world.
A brief history of your family or how you arrived to living on Mauritius island?
Marine: My family is born here since approximately 5 generations, so we are 100% native from Mauritius.
What's a typical day for you on Mauritius island?
Marine: I normally wake up at 5:00AM, go with the customers to swim with the dolphins then dress up for my other business, as I own a day spa in a marina!
What type of sustainable practices do you incorporate in your daily life? 
Marine: I became a vegetarian this year to fit my lifestyle and convictions. Also, I try to use as little of plastic as possible in my everyday practicesEvery time we are on the sea, we collect all the trash we see. It's not a lot, but still feels like a little step!
What is one thing everyone on your island does well as far as sustainability and caring for our planet?
Marine: They banned plastic bag use a few years ago which is a small step for humanity but a big one for the island. Beach clean-ups are organized quite often too which is amazing. And the government recently imposed an octopus fishing season so they can breed properly during a few monthsThere is still a lot to do and I'm sure we can improve
What is one thing the people or island could do better in terms of sustainability and caring for our planet?
Marine: Recycling is not common in Mauritius, also there is a lot of pollution for such a tiny island, we totally need more education for the population on the consequences of such issues on our planet.
What are the latest bikini trends for your island?
Marine: A lot of colors and some nets here and there! One-piece bikini with some details are quite well-known too these days.
Where do you go to vacation?
Marine: This year I went to Bali then Philippines. Already planning the next vacations! Always near the sea which is my world and playground for the underwater photography. I also pay a lot of attention when choosing my spots. I like privacy and need the best snorkeling spotsAlso, living in Mauritius is almost like being on holiday all year long 😉
Marine in our reversible Isabela bikini set made of regenerated fabrics
Your personal TOP recommendations for visiting Mauritius, GO! 
Food to try: Local "Roti" are my favorite, originally from India. Very popular in Mauritius. It's like a vegetarian crepe but very tasty, Indian styleWe all love it!
Beach to see: Le Morne beach is one of my favorites for it's pure white sand, crystal clear water and the space!
Cultural Location: There are SO many cultures in Mauritius. Chinese, Catholics, Indian and Muslim cultures all blend together. You can find a beautiful church and then 20 meters further you will find a Mosque. In the end, we all share the same land and love for our island. However, Grand Bassin in a breathtaking sacred lake where Indian pilgrims convert during religious celebrations. It has the tallest female divinity statue in the whole world!
Your own personal "MUST DO": Way too many things to do in Mauritius but definitely swim with the wild dolphins on our West Coast in Tamarin (choose a company that is respectful toward the dolphins like Vitamin Sea Ltd. Mauritius). Beautiful Le Morne Brabant mountain hike (UNESCO Heritage). Visit the breath taking 7 Cascades waterfalls!  
Explore more of our planet, above and below the water, with Marine Ferrat on Instagram @marine.fantasea

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  • pratima: March 04, 2018
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    I admire your passion for the marine environment, your love for nature , your fight against pollution and care for the planet earth.
    I too have similar endeavour to keep our country pollution free and save the planet earth from the man made destructive products..
    Keep it up

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