My name is Magdalena, Maggie, Magda, Magdakine.
A friend from the Big Island gave me the nickname Magdakine back in my sustainable agriculture days.
I am the designer at MAGDAKINEDESIGNS.
I have lived in Ohio, Hawai'i, Florida, Puerto Rico and New Jersey.
I formally studied Geography and Environmental Science but I also like art and creating.
I once took a test about myself that revealed my gift was “finding and appreciating beauty.”
I like that as well.
I like surfing small waves.
I like mangos and Thai green curry.
I like power yoga, burning sage and meditating, extremely hot showers, and interior designing (for fun).

COVID was hard on my small business because it stopped the supply chain. Our fabrics from Italy were delayed by half of a year and our factory in California shutdown due to California pandemic laws. Not all was bad though. I also moved to New Jersey, bought a home with my partner and gave birth to my daughter - Olivia Soo Yang (AKA Olive Soo). Because of all this, we’re just now finally getting our website at MAGDAKINEDESIGNS back up and running. It sounds like a lot, but it feels more like a much-needed refreshing reset. 

Thank you for being here with me. 


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