Restoring Coral Reefs.

An intricate coral pattern on reversible electric blue, every purchase in our Coral print returns a donation to help restore and preserve coral reefs throughout the Caribbean.


WHAT is Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD)?

Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease is a fast-spreading disease that has plagued the Caribbean waters for several years. First identified in Southern Florida in 2014, SCTLD can travel up to 50 meters per day killing thousands of corals in its wake.

SCTLD affects more than 30 species of corals, with the most susceptible being:

  • Brain coral
  • Pillar coral
  • Star coral
  • Starlet coral


WHY do we care?

Since first identified in 2014, SCTLD has spread to over 20 countries throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Sadly, this region of the world is also home to some of our planet’s oldest corals. Without active intervention, a colony affected by SCTLD will likely die within weeks to months after displaying first signs of tissue loss. 

But everyone can help! Collaboration is key and we as citizens can do our part to help preserve coral reefs and stop the spread of SCTLD.


WHO are we donating to?

Every purchase in our CORAL print returns a donation on your behalf to the Perry Institute of Marine Science - Reef Rescue Network.


HOW are your donations used?

The Reef Rescue Network works with organizations and businesses to establish coral nurseries throughout the Caribbean in order to grow and outplant corals while monitoring the health of local coral reefs.