Protect our ocean’s gentle giants.

The most breathtaking creature under the water. With its majestic and elegant appearance, the manta ray has become not only a symbol for our brand, but also a crowd favorite in swimwear prints. Every purchase in our Manta Ray print returns a donation to help protect these gentle giants.


WHAT makes manta rays special?

Manta rays are considered a floating oasis for a whole host of animals underwater who seek the shelter, protection and nutrition these gentle giants provide. Using their gill plates, Manta Rays elegantly glide through the ocean currents, filtering water for microscopic plankton to eat. Every so often, they stop at coral cleaning stations where smaller cleaner fish remove parasites and dead skin within several minutes.  It is said that manta rays have the largest brain-to-body ratio of any cold-blooded fish, along with many highly-cognitive functions such as recognizing themselves in mirrors, creating mental maps of their environment and returning to the same “cleaning stations” time after time.


WHY do we care?

Research on these enchanting creatures is relatively new, and yet scientists have already documented a decline in the species population. Because the female manta ray only births one pup every two to five years (similar to a human) threats to just one animal can have a dramatic impact on the entire manta ray population.

Issues like overfishing, unsustainable tourism practices and the Gill Plate Trade are impacting the survival rate of these beautiful creatures.


WHO are we donating to?

Purchases from our Manta Ray print return a donation to the Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF), a nonprofit founded by world-renowned marine biologists Simon Pierce and Andrea Marshall, better known as The Queen of Mantas.


HOW are your donations being used?

MMF has three core initiatives – Research, Education and Conservation.  Donations from your purchases are specifically used to help fund education programs in Mozambique, Africa. The small fishing village in Mozambique is home to a bio-diverse hotspot of whale sharks and manta rays.  Offering educational courses in sustainable fishing and ocean stewardship helps ensure this bio-diverse region of the world remains healthy and intact.