Fighting for gender equality as a climate change solution.

La Mujer Print (mujer: Spanish for woman) was inspired by what Project Drawdown recognizes as the second most vital solution to curbing global warming – gender equality.


WHAT is the problem? 

Climate change is not gender neutral. Poor, rural and Indigenous women are hit the hardest and impacted first by natural disasters, food shortages, floods, droughts and diseases linked to global warming.

Throughout the world there are many traditional gender roles, legal inequalities, and financial barriers limiting women rights and silencing their voices in climate change discussions. By denying women access to landownership, or neglecting a girl’s right to education in order to prioritize household chores, women are left voiceless during a global climate crisis that needs all hands on deck.


WHY is gender equality an important climate change solution?

Indigenous, poor, and rural women are not only victims to climate change - they are also solutions.

Innovative and locally-rooted responses by women in rural and poor areas enables communities to adapt, survive, and bring new or overlooked solutions to the table. By supporting women farmers unions, advocating for women’s legal rights, providing accessible education and family planning services to women and girls throughout the world, we can empower our global citizens and bring grassroots women voices to influence national and international climate policy discussions.


WHO are we donating to?

Every purchase in our Mujer print returns a donation on your behalf to organizations fighting for feminist futures. Your donations will be used in the following ways:

  1. To fund Indigenous and rural women as key climate defenders. Supporting them to develop community protections and to advocate in policy discussions.
  2. To training partners to build advocacy skills that ensure the climate policy includes (and is strengthened by) gender perspective.
  3. To bring Indigenous and rural women’s demands to policy making spaces, as well as advocating for the protections of their land rights.


HOW are your donations used?

Your donation helps the feminine focused nonprofits and their partners meet urgent needs, build safer and healthier communities, and advocate for lasting change and just solutions. 


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